Para Jumbles

In para jumbles, the sequence of a meaningful paragraph is changed. A student has to correct the sequence and make the paragraph coherent. Some students think that para jumbles are difficult to solve and thus they should be skipped. But this is a myth. Para jumbles are most easy to solve and you can score good marks in them. There are some ways  by which you can solve para jumbles more easily-

  1. Before solving any para jumble, read out all the lines given and try to get the central idea of the paragraph. This will help you to solve the paragraph in a better way.
  2. First figure out the opening and closing line. Then identify the mandatory pairs. Once you have identified you can co-relate them according to the options given.
  3. You can also take the help of transition words which function as connectors. Transition words help to identify the change in the idea. Example of transition words are Again, Similarly, hence, generally etc.
  4. Try to identify the chronology. Examples will follow the main idea. So, their sequence will be after the main statement.
  5. The key to solve para jumbles lies in your comprehension ability. For improving this ability, you should read more and more.

Tips for sentence correction

Sentence correction or improvement is an important part of questions asked in competitive exam. The purpose of this section is to test the understanding of grammar in candidates. Grammar is the most important section of English. For solving sentence correction questions accurately, a student should follow the following tips-

*Read all the grammar chapters thoroughly. Without completing grammar you cannot solve questions from this area.

*Learn all the rules of grammar chapters. Learning these rules will help you to apply them in questions because questions are mostly based on these rules.

* Practice questions as much as you can. Because learning grammar is not sufficient until you are able to apply it in questions.

* If you do not know the answer of a particular question in sentence improvement, try to eliminate the options which are least relevant and then choose between other options.

Tips for Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension is an important section in all the major competitive exams. It’s all about your comprehending or understanding ability.  It is the most scoring section because you don’t have to learn the answers; your answers are in the passage itself. Important thing is how you quickly you read it, comprehend it and find the answers. The more reading habit you have, the more it will be easier for you to solve passages.  There are some ways which if you follow can help you in solving questions of reading comprehension-

*Before solving any passage, read out the questions and the given options. This will help you to remember the key words of questions. While reading the passage you can relate to these words.

*Always use a pencil to mark the key words of questions because you can find the answers near the key words, if it is an offline paper.

* Try to read the passage twice if it is not simple. Because sometimes it is not possible to understand the passage in one go. By reading second time you can understand the passage more clearly.

*If the number of passages are more in any exam, you should not try to solve all the passages together. Rather, you should solve one then switch to another. In this way, you will be not get bored or tired because sometimes the passages are tedious to read.

*Practise as much as you can because through practice only you can get more accurate in solving passages.

“Web Designing can be the best tablet to overcome…

Unemployment is a major problem of this country. There is dearth of employment opportunities in most of the sectors. Everyone is struggling to get a secured and well-paid job.  Some get success, while some get disappointment. Instead of losing hope and getting depressed, we should try to find out different career options apart from the traditional ones. With the fast pace of development in technology, career prospects have widened. We only need to put some effort to identify these potential career opportunities.

In this era of digitalization, where everyone relies upon internet and online information, web designing as a career option can be a boon. It is an integral part of the IT industry. It is the planning and creation of website. Most of the business and the service industry wants to outreach their clients online. For this they need a website of their own. A good web designer using his creative instincts and intelligence, designs website according to the need of these organizations.

Web Designing is a short-term course which can be completed in few months.  Many private institutes offer this course. The fee is also reasonable. After completion of the course you can either work as a freelancer or you can get recruited by a company. Even if you are a fresher, you can get to manage approximately 8 to 10k salary as a web designer. Once you gain experience and work on some good projects, the company or your clients will not hesitate to pay you around 40 or 50 k. Web designing, no doubt, has great prospects.

“Top 8 interview questions”

  • Introduce Yourself.

This question is the beginning of an interview. It is said that first impression is the last impression. If you want to create a good impression on the interviewer, you should take this part very seriously. Your introduction should be concise and to the point. Your introduction may create a background for other questions also.

  • Why do you want to join this organization?

This question is asked to test your knowledge about the company. A good answer to this question should include the full information about the company or organization you are applying for. You should also mention that how your qualities will match  the needs of the organization.

  • Your strengths and weaknesses.

Your strengths you tell in an interview gives an insight of your personality. You should try to mention those strengths which are relevant to the role you are applying for in the company. As far as weaknesses are concerned you should not hesitate to tell about them. But you must add that you are working on your weakness.

  • Situational questions

The interviewer will test your presence of mind and capacity of taking quick and good decisions by giving you a situation and asking you what you will do in such a situation. These situational questions are usually tricky and should be answered wisely.

  • Reasons for leaving your previous organization

For this question, you should never say negative things about your former organization. Rather you should say that you are looking  for better opportunities or you want to seek more work satisfaction that’s why you are switching .

  • Question related to current affairs.

While preparing for an interview, you should make yourself aware of the things going on around you. It may be regional, national or international issues. You may be asked direct questions or your views on any matter.

  • Technical questions.

The interviewer always asks some technical questions. These may include questions related to the subjects you have studied or the jargons of the sector in which you are applying for. For example- if you are giving interview for a banking job, you can be asked banking terminologies and concepts.

  • Your hobbies.

Hobbies related questions are common in interviews.  You should mention the hobbies which you really pursue, so that you can answer questions related to it.

Reading Editorials can boost your English

For improving your English language skills, four activities are very important-Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Among these reading is very useful. Because it helps in the other three activities. The more you read, the more your language will improve. Not only language but your knowledge base also gets stronger by reading. For reading you have many options like novels, academic books, journals, magazines etc. but the most dynamic, powerful and informative reading material is the newspaper.

Newspaper covers a wide area. It includes local, national, international, sports entertainment news and many more. The most impactful page of a newspaper is its editorial page, where articles are published expressing the editor’s opinion on a topical issue or any innovative and interesting topic. Sometimes experts are also invited to write editorials for newspapers.

Reading Editorials plays an important role in boosting your English. First of all it enhances your vocabulary. You learn different new words. You can use these words in your writing or while speaking and create a good impression. The vocabulary which you build by reading newspaper is vast, versatile and very useful.

 Editorials introduce you to good writing styles. Since editorials are written by learned and intelligent people, they use precise and meticulous words and expressions. By reading editorials for a considerable period of time, you will also be able to implement these qualities in your writing or speaking skills. Reading editorials also enhances your comprehension abilities. By reading opinions of others you are able to form your own ideas and thoughts and moreover you get efficient in expressing them in English.

How to read newspaper?

Newspaper is a great source of knowledge. It not only improves the knowledge base of an individual but also helps to develop reading, writing and analytical skills. For those who are not habituated of reading newspaper, it can be a tedious task. In this era of internet, smart phones and various apps, the art of reading newspaper is dying out. More potential readers are turning to other sources of information particularly internet publications.

Problems faced by beginners while reading newspaper are digression, inability to keep the flow, new and unknown topics, difficult vocabulary, twisted paragraphs and lack of background knowledge. These issues can pester you, but by working on them, you can develop the habit of reading newspaper.

First, one should select a particular newspaper and follow it for a considerable period of time. If you are a beginner, try to select a simple newspaper. Once you develop command over reading habit, you can switch to another one of a higher level or you can read more than one newspaper.

Second, is deciding your reading purpose or selective reading. Choose your area of interest, it may be local news, national news, editorials, sports news or entertainment news. Initially try to cover all articles of your interest area, so that you do not get bored. Later on you can start reading difficult topics.

Thirdly, you should keep a dictionary handy, while reading newspaper. The moment you find a difficult word, refer to the dictionary. Maintain a diary and note these words. Try to use these words in your conversation or writing. This will enhance your vocabulary.

After reading a particular article, comprehend and analyze it and try  to form your own viewpoint on the topic. Last, but not the least, find a comfortable and congenial place to read newspaper. Fold your paper while reading it. Make it a daily habit to read newspaper. It will widen your outlook, enrich your knowledge and boost your confidence.

Growth of Technology in last 5 years

Growth of Technology in last 5 years

Technology has been growing at a rapid rate. People are innovating new technologies and a large amount of them are using it also. Technology has entered into almost each spheres of life. Computer, Mobile, Motocycle, Accessories etc are the basic parts.

So many industries are using new technologies for production of goods. This rise of techno world is giving both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage includes eas e of doing something, minimizing the work load, perfection in the work etc while disadvantages include job cutting, pollution and few others. Last 5 years has shown rapid increase of technology. In various sectors technology is replacing human being or reducing the load.

The basic need of innovation is necessity. When human beings fail to do something or find some difficulty, then some new innovation comes into action. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence have given push back in this fast growth of technology. Maximum works which were done by human beings are now replaced with machines. The ticket vending machine at stations, cash counting machine in banks, ATMs are few day to day examples.

Some growth is very much appreciable while a few are too much alarming. Let’s see the future of such massive growth. The 20th Century is lucky to have seen such changes…!!!