Jobs for Jet Airways Employees

Jobs for Jet Airways Employees

The employees of Jet Airways should be alert now. The time has come for your next move. Several other options for the Jobs for Jet Airways Employees have come. Find the list of Jobs opportunities for Jet Airways Employees…

1.Qatar Airways – Senior Sales Executive (Mumbai) 30th April 2019

2.Qatar Airways- Sales Executive (Delhi) 23rd April 2019

3.Emirates Airlines- Cabin Crew

4.Air Asia- Captain

5 Air Asia- Technician- Jr. Technician—JR-TECHNICIAN_JR0004096

6.Air Asia- Engineering Manager

7.Air Asia- Assistant Sales Manager–Madras/

Air Asia- First Officer

9.Indigo- Exp. Cabin Crew

10.Indigo- Cabin Crew

11.Indigo Commercial Profiles

12.Indigo Engineering Profiles

Author:- Mrs. Varsha Trivedi, President, Aadhar Foundation (Lucknow)