How Smartech is different than other companies

Smartech is an initiative driven by vision of young entrepreneur Mr. Avinash Tiwari. A vision to be a leader in technology education, consultancy and small scale business innovation, Smartech is on its way to be partner of choice. Having developed its foundation based on fundamentals, the company is already making a difference to its partners’ lives. Smartech reflects the vision of its founders. It has differentiated itself in the market place through service portfolio, service differentiation. The energy of its CEO and Chief Operating Officer is infectious. Avinash brings lot of energy and openness to ideas. He is ready to go extra mile to take his company to greater heights. He has vision to make Smartech a great place to work too. He invests time and energy in recognizing the talent and honoring people in the company.

Chief Operating Officer is also involved in day to day operations of the company. Smartech offers lot of opportunity to interact with both CEO and COO. This ensures continuity of communication, team building and provides vent to ideas for an individual.

The work culture is paced around the comfort level of student. CEO’s vision is to make Smartech an educator of choice by students.  Within short time of 2-3 years, it is able to garner clients of national and international repute.  Smartech has association with Government organizations. To sum up, key differentiating factors of Smartech organization is:

  1. Energetic management, looking to grow and explore new avenues and ideas
  2. Focus on employee welfare
  3. Focus on student success
  4. Pricing of courses is moderate

How to reach on top brand from a small…

Business is the game of mind and thinking of persons who are responsible for its rapid growth. Every small businessman want to make her or his business on the top position of the world market. However, the question arises in the mind, “how can you make your company into a multi-national company?” we will mention you several factors which will help you and bring your company in international market.

In the first step, to make tour company as the top brand, you will have to analyze the market either it is local or globalmarket. In your analyzing, you should find the needs and requirements of the public and then you need to check that whether the current competitors are providing those services which are customers want. If no, then provide those facilities and demands at reasonable prices. On the other hand, of yes, then you need to provide same service at less prices as compared to the prices of your competitors and you must provide the superior service at a little more prices for getting a consistent place in your market. It will definitely reduce your profits, but will help you to make a position in the market.

The other steps, you can only follow after adopting the first step. Furthermore, you can also use the internet and you need to publish and market your products only at those places where people can afford. For marketing, you have to manage your finance and should do marketing at valuable places with the help of banners, you tube, social media and advertising on television and radio.

The last but not least step is that risk factor because future is uncertain. You must have money to continue your business for ling time after occurring of losses and failures because there will be equal chances of failures to the possibilities of success.

In summary, for moving a local company to top brand, you need to understand the above mentioned ideas and use them with high accuracy as you can do.


The art of getting what you want (How to…

We all dream. We all have certain expectations from life and we strive to get the life we have imagined for ourselves. We want a great career where both work satisfaction and great remuneration are there. We seek a perfect relationship where there is peace and love. 

But do we actually make our dreams true? Are we able to do all that which can fulfill our expectations? Are we satisfied with our career or are we in a perfect relationship? For some fortunate people, the answer is ‘yes’, but for some it is ‘no’. The fact is destiny cannot be blamed all the time, we have to make efforts to change our lives.

With confidence and by applying some techniques we can get what we want from life, relationship and career. Confidence is the most important trait which you need in yourself, if you want a better life. If you lack confidence you may lose some great opportunities in life. For example, if you want to be an entrepreneur and you have a brilliant plan but you don’t have the confidence to execute the plan or you are afraid of the risks involved in a business then you can never start your venture. In such a situation you will have to satisfy yourself with a 9 to 5 job and you will regret for that throughout your life. 

As far as techniques are concerned, these are basically rules which are to be adhered. For a successful relationship there are some techniques. Like, never have expectations in a relationship. You just need to do your part and not worry about the rest. If you are in a true relationship, you will get the love and care in return. But when you start having expectations and if they are not met , you get hurt. Never break the trust in any relationship.

Our lives are totally in our hands. We should try to do as much as we can to improve it. We should always be passionate about what we do. We should try to boost our confidence every day and think of new ideas and techniques which can help us.


Self- Improvement

A man is never perfect. Throughout his life he has to work for his improvement. Here is a list of things which can help you to improve yourself and find the better version of yourself…

Strong willpower- Willpower is one of the most important quality which differentiates a successful and an unsuccessful man. If you are determined, focused and strong willed, nothing can deter you from reaching zeniths.

Discipline- The word which we have been listening since school days. But discipline is not limited to school or college only, discipline is to be applied in the day to day life. If you are a disciplined person, your life will be more easy and hassle-free.

Optimism- Being an optimist means to have a positive outlook towards life. If you keep a distance from negativity, you will always be surrounded by positive energies. These energies will help you to deal with obstacles and failures.

Hard Work- Hard Work is the key to success. For any work, small or big, if you put in your efforts honestly, you will get success. You cannot get away with the labour and consistent effort which is required for any work to be done perfectly.


“What is domain and server?”

According to Wikipedia, “a domain is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the internet.” In simple terms, Domain name is a readable web address that refers to an IP address and helps users to access websites or other resources in a convenient way. Domain names have extensions at the end of the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The examples are .com, .net, .org. These are the most commonly used domain name extensions. The most common domain extension is .com with more than 100 million domains registered with it.

Through domain name we can communicate to a DNS (Domain Name System) server, the website we want to visit. Domain helps us to create a business identity as well as credibility. Even if you change your web host (the original place of your website files) your domain name is not changed. Domain name is also helpful in getting good sponsors.

There are many companies which provide domain names like Go Daddy, I page, Hawkhost, Net4mail etc. These companies charge a certain amount for giving you a domain name. Once you purchase a domain name, you are entitled to it usually for one year. After 1 year, you have to renew it. Among these companies Go daddy is the most famous one in India because it charges comparatively less. If you have a good domain name in your mind then you must immediately purchase it because if someone else registers that domain name before you , there are chances that either you will not get that domain name or you will get it at an exorbitant price.

As far as server is concerned Wikipedia defines it as “a program or device that provides functionality for other programs or devices called ‘clients’. In other words, server can be understood as the actual place where your website files are hosted. Server is also known as hosting. Servers are identified by IP address. Even if you don’t have a domain name you can reach the server with the IP address, but a domain name makes any server easily accessible. Server store important business information centrally. Thus it is very important for any organization. Servers need to be maintained regularly. The above mentioned companies which provide domain names also give the service of providing server.


How to start a Company

Starting a company or business is very easy now a days. You have to frame an idea, think upon it and then you can launch your idea into the market. If your idea is unique and customer-centric then you can excel in the market. Lot of start-ups are coming into the market but they in the field of innovation, they don’t follow the track of success. We have seen many people who had a plan to do business but in which sector they had to business was not known to them.

Starting a company or business is very easy now a days. You have to frame an idea, think upon it and then you can launch your idea into the market. If your idea is unique and customer-centric then you can excel in the market. Lot of start-ups are coming into the market but they in the field of innovation, they don’t follow the track of success. We have seen many people who had a plan to do business but in which sector they had to business was not known to them.

We are going to give you 8 ideas how to start your company or business. Follow these points if you are also in the mood of going for start-ups:-

  1. Generate an idea: – Before going for any business, an idea is very important. If your idea is unique and you manage it efficiently, then your business may rock in the market. Customer needs uniqueness. A company is nothing without an idea. Take some time to think that what tasks my company is going to perform, what business I will do, which products I will manufacture or purchase, these sorts of questions will always provoke you to grow very high. Every big companies attract the customers by the virtue of their ideas. Any invester firstly checks the feasibility of your idea and then only he funds your enterprise.
  2. Make a logo: – Logo is the first impression of company. It shows the complete introduction of your company. So if the name of your company is ready with you then meet some graphic designers who design the logos or visit websites which creates logos. Logo should be eye catchy and it should contain the mission and vision of your company. Various people use the name of their company as logo. A good logo consist of your brand name, tagline etc. The color combination in logo is also quite important so focus on this part as well.
  3. Make a website and Social Media Page: – If you are well aware of the services then design a website for your business. Also make the social media pages of your business like facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram etc. It will show your business to the world. Social Media is the best way to keep a track of your ideas.
  4. Register a company:- Registration of a company or business in an important step. If you do not have a company then creating impact and values on the customers or partners is a difficult task. You are also not the owner of your name which you are using in the market. But once you register a company then you have full power to manage everything. The company can be Private Limited, Once Person Company, LLP etc. If you have two directors then you can opt for Private Limited Company, if you want to be sole proprietor then you may go for One Person Company and you have few partners then LLP can be the best choice. Before registering a company check the company names at
  5. Open Current Account: – For the smooth transactions of business a current account is very important. Once you register a company you will get the certificate and PAN Card of company. By showing these documents and address proof you can open a current account in any reputed bank.
  6. Go for Trademarking: – Till now the company is yours, the bank account is yours but the logo which you had designed earlier is yet not yours. Check the trademarking of logo first and then go for your trademarking. You can meet any charted accountant for the trademarking of your logo.
  7.  GST and Other Certifications:- Upto this step you are now able to run your business in the market but to create a brand value you must go for GST and other certifications. If your business is into multiple states then Goods and Service Tax (GST) is very important. If your company is a service provider then you opt for ISO Certifications. For different business, the certifications can be taken accordingly.
  8. Do the branding: – Without proper branding and advertisement the idea and company will remain with you only. So do the proper branding to spread your company globally. You may adopt the techniques of digital marketing or offline marketing for the branding. There are several ways for the expansion of business. Just start from at least one options and gradually go deeper.


Phrasal Verbs

Abide by-  follow a rule

Aim at- intend to achieve

Add on- include in a calculation

Ask for- enquire about someone’s health

Back off- retreat

Back out – Fail to keep an arrangement or promise

Back up- support

Bank on- Rely on

Be taken aback- be surprised or shocked

Beef up- make something stronger or more solid

Black out- fall unconscious

Blow out- defeat decisively

Bounce back- recover

Break down- start crying

Break up- finish a relationship

Bump into – meet by chance

Call for- demand

Catch out- trick

Cave in- collapse

Chill-out- relax

Cling on- hold tight

Come across- find by accident

Come around- recover consciousness

Cool down- become calm

Crash out- fall asleep

Cut down in- reduce

Cut off- isolate

Do in- kill

Fall far- be attracted to somebody or fall in love

Fit in- get into a group of people

Freak out- become very disturbed or angry

Gear up- get ready for a busy period

Give up- stop doing something that has been a habit

Hand over- give

Jump in- enter a conversation

Make away with- steal

Nail down- achieve something

Owe to- be the reason of something



People often say that

It is believed






Out of concern


Above all

After all

Out of curiosity

In present scenario


All of a sudden




Conjunction is a word, or a group of words which connects two or more than two words, phrases, clauses, sentences etc. Following is a list of conjunctions with examples-


Ram and Shyam are best friends.


You may not agree, but it is true.

Not only-but also

He can not only sing but also dance.


He treated me badly, however I forgave him.

As well as

Jai as well as friends was present in the class.

As soon as

As soon as the police came, the thieves ran away.


He was absent because he was ill.


He didn’t pass the exam although he worked hard.


The students did the work as the teacher told .


Always think before you speak.

Take the medicine after lunch.


We must leave now or we will be late.


It is true that we should always work hard.


I am not feeling well, so I will not attend the party.


It can’t be said whether it will rain today or not.


While I was in college, I always participated in sports.


Unless you work hard, you will not pass the exam.


There is no reason why should we believe him.



Adverb is one of the parts of speech. An adverb qualifies the following-


 He works hard.


He is very good.


She works very hard.


The fan was moving exactly over his head.


He hates him simply because he is very cunning.

A complete sentence

Luckily, everyone was safe.

  • In most of the cases adverbs are formed by adding ‘ly’, like slowly, gently, But not in all cases. Some words which end with ‘ly’ but are not adverbs are friendly, orderly, sickly, weekly, monthly. These words are adjectives.
  • Cowardly, Niggardly, Scholarly, Miserly are adjectives form. Their adverb can be made as ‘in a cowardly manner’, in a niggardly manner’, ‘in a miserly manner’, ‘in a scholarly manner’.
  • The words ‘late’, ‘hard’ and ‘free’ are adverb. If we add ‘ly’ to them,  their meanings will change.
  • Adverbs seldom, never, nowhere, nothing, hardly, scarcely, neither, barely, rarely are negative in meaning. So, they should always used in the negative sense.