“How to introduce yourself in an interview”

Interview is the last step in the ladder of getting a job. By performing well in the personal interview, you can impress the recruiters and bag the job. Introducing yourself in an interview in an effective way is very important because it is the way you present yourself and create your first impression.

Here is the correct way to introduce yourself –

*Tell your name.

You can say My name is …… or I am……. . Never say Myself…..(it is grammatically incorrect. Say your full name.

*The place you belong to .

For this you can say I am a native of ….. or I belong to ….. or I am born and brought up in …..

*Academic Qualification

Start with your most recent degree and then your previous qualifications. Mention the name of the institution

*Work Experience

If you have work experience tell the interviewer about it. You should mention about your last job and your first job. If you do not have work experience, you can tell about any on-job training or academic projects you have undertaken.

*Strengths and Weaknesses

You must mention your strengths relevant to the post you are applying for. These may include leadership, team spirit etc. You should also tell about your weaknesses but it should be followed by the statement that you are working on it.

*Family background

You should not tell about your family in detail unless asked. You can tell about the number of members in your family and the profession of your father and mother.


In this you can tell about the hobbies you pursue. You should have knowledge about the hobbies you are mentioning.


How to become a successful digital marketer

In this modern era, there is a boon of digital marketing. People usually search on Google about best digital marketing center in their area. And after completing the course, they start thinking about how to become a successful digital marketer!!! Even they have very good knowledge in digital marketing. But do you think??? You will become a digi expert after completing course??? The answer is no…. Because the educational environment and work environment are totally different. That’s why before joining any institute you have to keep in mind that you should join only that institute which really works on digital marketing, so that you can work on live projects. For ex: If you are in Saket, New Delhi. Go to Google and search “best digital marketing in Saket” and filter which institute really works on digital marketing.

Now, let’s think you have completed your course in some reputed institute, then how can you become a digi expert??? Here we are going to tell some steps to become a digi expert.

1. Identify your target audience.

2. Get involved in paid advertising (PPC) or paid social media: Even it is little bit costly, but it is the best way to spread your product in the entire world.

3. Analyze your competitors: you should also analyze your competitors to know about their activities and methods they use, you should always launch better activity or method in comparison to your competitors.

4. Email Marketing: It is the best way to advertise your product directly via mail.

5. Visual Marketing: Visual marketing is a very good way to attract more people regarding your product.

6. Better content Marketing: It will help your product for listing on the top of google search results. Research some perfect keywords according to your location and mindset of people and write a proper content using those keywords that shows complete overview about your product.

7. Get updated with search engine’s search policy.

8. Show your every activity on social media: Social media is also very good way to promote your product globally, here you can target millions of audience at one platform and can get in touch with other.


How English Can “tune your tongue”.

English language is as fascinating, as it is popular. It has its own quirks. Over 840 million people speak English as a first or second language, which makes it the second most -spoken language right after Mandarin. Approximately, 1 new word is added to the English language every 2 hours and around 4000 new words to the English dictionary every year.It is an interesting language and expertise in it can actually tune your tongue and you can impress anyone with your language skills.

English is not the first language for many of us. To succeed in speaking a second, third or fourth language, you must be able to play with it. Every language has its own set of vowels and each of these vowels has its own tongue position. English is no exception. You become articulate once you understand these positions. You should keep trying different methods for improving your language speaking skills until you find one that you love.

You can try the different interesting tongue twisters of English. You can even make your own tongue twister by applying some brain. Trying your hand at tongue   twisters and gaining expertise in them with time will improve your accentuation pattern, pronunciation and accuracy.

By tuning into English music you can improve your rhythm, intonation and vocabulary. English poetry can help you to get that perfect pronunciation, rhythm and advanced vocabulary.

By reading English newspapers or listening to English news channels for a considerable period of time you will be able to express your opinions in English and you will acquire the impressive conversational skill.


Institute ERP System

Engineering and medical institutes usually have a number of departments and courses. Managing all these department and course data manually is a very tedious, ineffective and expensive task. So here we propose an ERP system for institutes. We aim to provide entire examination section along with faculty dashboard and training placement department in this system. Our system firstly consists of student database needed by faculty as per their requirement. The system allows to input student attendance into the database which can later be viewed by concerned faculties and students. The students may view their personal attendance and assignment submission data through a separate student login. The examination allows authorized logins to insert update timetables. The time table is then available to be viewed on the web portal. The system also allows to manage the training and placement department. Here students may view latest vacancies and the admin may post vacancies as per criteria of selection. We design this system for 8 semesters for a particular department.


  • Admin Login: The system will be under sole control of an admin. Admin can add or remove resources from the system and can even maintain a record of the resources available, supplied and demanded.
  • Faculty Login: Each faculty has a login, allowed to view details of student under his/her guidance.
  • Adding Exam TimeTable: Authorized faculty is allowed to add edit exam time tables. 
  • Timetable storage and View: The time table inserted or updated may then be viewed by anyone visiting the portal.
  • Student Attendance: The system allows to store student attendance data and also view the data as per search.
  • Vacancies: The system allows authorized persons to post new job vacancies and students may view those vacancies from their login section.

Software Requirements:

  • Windows Xp, Windows 7(ultimate, enterprise)
  • Sql 2008
  • Visual studio 2010

Hardware Components:

  • Processor – p4
  • Hard Disk – 5 GB
  • Memory – 1GB RAM


  • The system is very effective and convenient to use.
  • It reduces the use of manpower to a great extent.
  • It produces an overall statistics of the students so that it can be further used in future for analysis purpose.
  • The system is secured and gives only authorized access.
  • It saves cost and time.


  • As it reduces human efforts, it reduces employment.


  • The system can be used in various institutes.
  • It can also be implemented in medical colleges.

English-Sip of the day

Our morning starts with the English word-“Good Morning” and the day finishes with the word-“Good Night”. Almost 99% people use these words everyday either on chats or in personal conversation. Greeting messages, good wishes all crawls around English.

In this modern phase most people try their best to speak in English and they do too. It is good to listen that those who know a bit of English also speak Hinglish (Mixture of Hindi and English).

Currently English has become an essential component in all odds of life be it a corporate life or personal life. In every field a sip of English is indeed important. Somewhere English shows attitude, somewhere it shows experience while somewhere it shows the profile of an individual. Those who want to earn money has to be fluent English speaker.In corporate world English acts as the ornament of an individual. The more you bear it the more you look good. To give any kinds of service, to sell any product, to order anything in mall or on online websites you must have the knowledge of English. Spoken English Training is an important course most of the people join but after completion of course they don’t find perfect grasp over English as they have learnt it just like a subject or course but they never felt it like a language.

Today, doing friendship with someone also requires good knowledge of English. Visiting new places or going to abroad is possible with sharp command over English. Sometimes we use such words frequently whose meaning is unknown to us but since we listen it frequently so using it comes into our habit. There is an aura around us where colors of English are spread. We also see in our daily life that English has brought great change in this world. India is developing country but to make it developed almost every Indian must speak and understand English. The size of English speakers are getting increased day by day. The schools of India are being transformed from Hindi medium to English medium.

English has become a powerful asset for everyone. There are so many languages in the world but the most vital one is English that’s why it has been selected as the International language. The development of personality and mentality is directly related to English. Learn better English and do the best by grasping it.


Do’s and Don’t s of Group Discussion

Group Discussion is one of the important stages for selection to any job. It is usually followed by a written test and preceded by an interview. Group Discussion is conducted to test many qualities of a candidate. These includes the following-


*Team Spirit

* Speaking ability

* Listening ability

* Coordination

For performing well in a group discussion, there are some do’s and don’ts  which you should follow-


*Take some time to analyze the topic of GD.Think properly and jot down the points in your mind.

*Ensure your participation. Put your ideas and views forward.

*Try to initiate the group discussion.

*Give relevant data and examples

* Give others chance to speak and also listen to them attentively.


*Don’t shout . Maintain a humble tone. Even when you disagree, don’t raise your voice.

*Don’t dominate. A group discussion is also the test of your team spirit. So never try to dominate other candidates. Try to coordinate with all.

*Don’t intervene in between while someone else is speaking. You only start when the other person has finished speaking.

* Don’t give wrong examples or data.

*Don’t look at the moderator of GD rather try to build eye contact with the group members.


Digital Marketing Training Institute in Saket

Digital Marketing has become the soup of the day. Every business, every companies take a sip of it to enhance their flavor. Now a days the success of any company depends upon the amount of efforts applied digitally. Digital Marketing training has spread across several cities.

In the area of South Delhi a vast population resides which are well acknowledged about digital life. They know that the knowledge of digital marketing can enrich their job demands and can also grow their business upto a great extent. Businessmen, entrepreneurs or even marketing professionals are in search of digital marketing training institute in Delhi. If you reside near Saket and are in search of Best digital marketing training institute in Saket then Smartech can be a one stop solution.

Smartech Education Private Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company being led by a group of entrepreneurs who have created a niche in the current market. Under the umbrella of digital marketing Smartech trains you Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Google AdWords (PPC), Google Analytics, Infographics, Blogging, Content Marketing, E-Commerce marketing, Mobile marketing. Every student is assigned a project and he/she has to complete it under the supervision of the trainer. Digital marketing needs a digital environment to learn so Smartech has made one special Digital Zone where you feel yourself innovative. The idea of the company is to nurture creativity among the youth and fulfill the dream of Skill and Digital India.

Smartech is near to Saket Metro Station Gate No-2. The location of the office is too premier. Candidates from Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad and from South Delhi come to learn. The trainers are well qualified and has vast experience in the field of digital marketing. The company provides handouts, study materials, regular assignments and takes test on regular basis. Smartech works in several other dynamics like workshops, training, seminars, conference, webinars etc. The people sitting far away can also learn digital marketing by online means. Several corporate workshop, government workshops has made the company so popular. The leading time for growth of any business or service is now where the customers are at our finger tips. You just need to understand the marketing phenomena, mood of target audience and do the marketing accordingly. Digital marketing of any company is not necessarily to be done from the office. Lots of companies do the marketing sitting far away. Smartech has created an opportunity for the students who are pursuing their final year of graduation. The internship program at Saket office is really helpful to gain the maximum knowledge. Smartech is becoming one of the best training center in Saket which trains you about Digital Marketing.

On every weekends, the company provides training about how to face interviews, how to face group discussion. There are so many bloggers in the company. Smartech has its special YouTube channel so you can go on getting the online lectures. After completion of the course the company can help you in three ways. First in getting jobs. Second in freelancing and third in start-ups. If you want to work then Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Executive, Social Media Manager, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer can be the best possible options for you. If you are working currently and want to learn or learn part time then the company will help you by giving some live projects. Several people have innovative idea in their mind but due to lack of proper process, team and due to a couple of other reasons they do not fulfill it. Smartech tries best to create a platform to turn your idea into reality. The company has worked to achieve the dreams of several people. Visit once and feel the difference.



Failures, loneliness and having a lot of pressure are the factors whch are responsible for the occurence of depression. The eight major points which will help you to overcome the depression.

  1. Meditation is the best way to get rid of depression. Every effected person need to practise the meditation and the early morning is effective time of a day. It helps you to think about yourself and to find the alternative ways in getting solution about your problems.
  2. You will remove the depression, if you start to do exercise such as you can join gym and do jogging. By doing exercise, people can get fresh energy and remove their stress on daily basis.
  3. Watching the comedy movies and television programs are also helpful in moving away from depression. People do not have time for entertainment, therefore they feel stress and tired. Lastly, entertaining ourselves can run away our stress.
  4. Meeting with new people and making new friends are the ways with whom commoners can share their feelings and know about world that how persons from different classes are surviving. It can surely helps to realise that he/she is not only one in the world who has problems.
  5. Spending time with family is suggested by doctors to overcome for this serious issue. If persons have time to sit with their family, then they can discuss problems with each other and can achieve solutions.
  6. Do whatever you want to do. It is the constructive way to get out from the problem of depression. Some persons have overburden of work and they do not have time of doing something which they want. They ruin their feeling and do work only for money. But, persons mist keep on their mind that whatever they want to do, make sure, it will not hurt anyone.

7.Go outside, where you feel relaxed. Travelling to outward cities and staying there for few days, is the way which will ensure you to think about your lifestyle and the things which have crucial role in your life. By seeing greenery and gifts of nature, you will definitely feel relaxed and amused.

  1. Do not think about others and start to overcome from your problems. Some persons think about other people and they do not recognise their issues. Hence, by thinking yourself, you can overscome from depression.

Lastly, by adopting above eight mentioned techniques, you can overcome the depression.


Conversation between two people in any public place regarding…

Mr. X and Mr. Y are two friends. They have met after their 12th board exams in a park and they are discussing about their career choices-

Mr. X  : Hello, Y . How are you? How were your exams?

Mr. Y: Hi! I am fine . My exams were good.  How are you doing?

Mr. X : I am also fine. Which career option are you choosing after class 12th.

Mr. Y:  I want to go in the field of Engineering. I want to become a computer engineer.

Mr. X: Why do you want to choose this career option. Have you thought of any other alternative?

Mr. Y: I want to work in the field of technology. Computer Engineers have great career prospects. The chances of getting jobs in multinational companies are also higher here.

Mr. X: Well, I want to go for National Defense Academy. I would love to join the Indian army and serve our nation.

Mr. Y : The training at NDA is tough. Don’t you know that?

Mr. X: I know,  but the life of an officer is very respectable. There is a great sense of pride in serving the people of the country.

Mr. Y : Your thoughts are great and inspiring. I wish you all the best.

Mr. X:  Best of luck to you also. 


Career Guidance after 10th and 12th

We all understand the importance of education in life. A good educational background is necessary for building career.  A successful career can not only gives you name, fame, prosperity but also a motivated and satisfied  life. It’s not an easy task to decide a career option at a young age because it will determine your whole life.  So, one should analyse one’s strengths, weaknesses and most importantly area of interest before choosing a career.

Earlier we had few career options which were available to us. But these days with the fast pace of growth and development, we have innumerable career options. If we are diligent and industrious we can excel in any field of our choice. In this blog, an effort is made to put some light on the various career options available after 10th and 12th.

After completing your matriculation, you have 3 streams before you. These are Science, Commerce and Arts. In this blog various career prospects are mentioned under these three heads.


 In science you have to study subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Students choose between maths and biology along with physics and chemistry. Some choose to study both maths and biology . For maths students you have the following career options-



*National Defense Services

*BCA and MCA

*Commercial Pilot

If you take biology, you can go for the following-


* Homeopathy


*Dental Science



It is one of the the most sought-after subject for students who have no inclination towards science. There are great career prospects if you are a good commerce student. You can go for the following after your class 12th.

*Chartered Accountancy

*Company Secretary


* and

*Management (BBA and MBA)

*Retail and Chain management


Gone are the days, when it was thought that only weak students take arts. Today many brilliant students who are inclined towards arts subject and have great career plans, choose arts in class 12th. Arts provide you with the following career options-

*Journalism and Mass Communication

* Civil Services

* Hotel Management

* Fashion Designing

* Fine Arts

*Aviation Courses