The best ways to meditate your body

Meditation is the best healing technique for mind. It leads the mind to dive into solo world where it feels it’s actual worth. Although there are several ways to relax but here are few ways to meditate your body:

  1. Understand the reason why you’re meditating. During meditation concentrate on a particular point. Focus on your breathing technique. It gives you the peace of mind and encourages yourself internally and externally.
  2. Take a few deep breath. A deep breath is the best way to do meditation. 
  3. Sit in comfortable posture and choose a quiet place where you’re not getting disturbed.
  4. Concentrate on your breathing. It helps you remain in the present moment and avoids distraction.
  5. Keep a relatively empty stomach before meditating. Just get a simple and light meal if necessary.
  6. Keep a gentle smile on your face. It keeps you relaxed, peaceful and enhances the meditation experience.
  7. Open your eyes slowly, don’t be hurry to open your eyes or move the body immediately.

“Yoga should be practiced daily

To maintain a discipline

To find your inner place to meet soul

To better develop a balance on your five

Senses, realizes your real freedom”.


Importance of Yoga

Firstly let us know about Yoga’s importance and its benefits. Yoga is not a religion but it is a way to get your aim towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. Yoga is not just twisting your body and holding the breath but it’s the act of controlling the senses and organs of the body. Yoga is a technique to bring you into a situation where you can see the reality and feel experienced in simple ways. If you are enabled, your energies become ecstatic and your sensory body expands. This enables an incredible confidence within you. It lets you feel that you are a part of whole universe making everything one. It is the unity that Yoga creates.

Yoga has a no. of practical and innumerable benefits that positively affects and individual. It affects us physically, mentally and spiritually. Some of the benefits of yoga are:

  1. Yoga Enhances circulation of blood& improves posture. Yoga improves your blood circulation. It is a means of transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. An improvement in the blood circulation makes you healthy and fit. It teaches you how to maintain control and how to balance your body. Your body will automatically assume the right standing posture and mental attitude due to which you look both confidant and healthy.
  2. It uplifts your mood and leaves refreshing energy within the body.
  3. Yoga keeps premature aging at bay. It helps in delay aging too and relives stress to a great extent.
  4. When your body is in relaxed mood then the pulse rate automatically gets decreased which indicates your heart is strong enough to pump more blood in a span of fewer beats.
  5. Yoga removes Anxiety and enhances better cardiovascular endurance. A little bit twisting, bending and controlling your breathe can keep you ahead in life. It improves oxygenation in the body and also lowers heart rate which is good for heart.
  6. Yoga helps in fighting depression and increasing immunity. The daily practice of yoga makes you positive and it helps to overcome from negative energy. It enhances each cell of the body and automatically makes your body resistant.
  7. Yoga increases metabolism and improves sexuality. It also balances metabolism which is essential to achieve healthy weight. Side by side it enhances our self-confidence too.
  8. Yoga increases the level of concentration and calmness. By the daily practice of Yoga you will find yourself more motivated. Meditation and Yoga both are inter-related. They work together to unite our small self with our higher soul.

Difference between Yoga and Meditation

Both Yoga and meditation have become the important aspects of human life. Everybody wants to make his/her life worthy, free from all problems and Yoga as well as Meditation act as catalyst for it.   Although we don’t have a specific period to do Yoga and meditation but the most appropriate span is the early morning. Both Yoga and meditation has their separate impact and consequence but on a general note we can illustrate that meditation is a part of Yoga.

Yoga is a multifaceted dynamics which controls body and mind both. It is easy for most of the people but practice is indeed necessary for it. A regular touch in Yoga can lead you stand out of the crowd and make you special in one way or the other. A healthy mind can think wonders and a healthy body can do wonders. In the early phase people find it more difficult than imagined. Several postures, techniques and precautions somehow refrain the people from the act of Yoga.

On the other hand, meditation is a technique to capture your mind and make it stable. Mind is such a horse which can lead us towards or can let us fall too. Yoga is a perfect way to make your body prepare for meditation. Healing mind can lead us away from all worries of life. We remain indulged into problems of others and do not focus on our target. Doing Meditation for at least five to ten minutes can bring a great change within you. For meditation you need to sit silently and just inhale and exhale. A complete command over your breathe can let your mind be stable.

Yoga is not only useful for the body but also for the brain. Its posture is designed systematically to prepare the body for meditation. With the help of Yoga we can control the each parts of the body. Thus yoga and meditation both have their individual significance and have separate consequences also. 

“Give yourself a task of Yoga and opportunities to get free from all difficulties. It is the source of huge energy and positivity making you powerful. If you practice it daily you will be benefited greatly which turnaround your life.”


Work at Smartech

Working in a big company is a passion for every individual. Most of the people think of joining a stable company where they can use their skills efficiently and make their future bright. After intermediate or graduation, candidates start thinking about earning money or going for start-ups. Few of them want to earn money so that pursue their higher studies. For all those who want to join a company for learning or earning purposes, Smartech is doing excellent job in India. Having successfully completed a year of excellence in education sector, Smartech Education Private Limited is one of the fastest growing Tech Startup. 

Smartech is currently leading in a couple of sectors like Education, Information Technology, Consultancy, Publications, Library, and Business Solutions etc. A group of young entrepreneurs from Jharkhand led the foundation of this organization. The company has trained vast majority of students incl. students, professionals, Government officials etc. The holding hands of Smartech known as Smartechians who are the pillars of the organization counts to be 50+. 

Here we are going to enlist top 8 reasons why you should join Smartech:

  1. Learning never stops here: At Smartech, you always learn a couple of new things which accelerate your potential exponentially. You have to work as per the requirement & report it on regular basis. Along with new technologies and updates you also learn about team management, time management risk handling etc. The company provides training to the Smartechians related to their domain. Time to time motivational and boosting sessions are also organized to increase the moral of whole team. Altogether it is a kind of family.
  2. Career Growth:  If you join Smartech as an intern and want to build your career in the field of Information Technology or any other dynamics then the aura of Smartech let you learn many new things. After the training period Smartech send the candidates for placement or sometimes even conduct campus drive. The candidates who took internship at Smartech are currently working in Airtel, HP, Wipro, Infosys and several other companies. 
  3. Dedicated Team: The core team of Smartech, Chief Officers, managers and everybody working with it have a vision and mission. All of them are truly hard-working and dedicated towards their work. Everybody says at Smartech-“We alone are smart but together are Smartech”. The common hand holding feature of Smartechians has led it to shine even in the crowd.
  4. Pressure Game:  Since there are couple of challenges in a start-ups you face lot of pressure also. But this pressure will turn into new positive outcome. The pressure of time bounded task, client satisfaction, limited overs game etc makes you a true Smartechian. You are frequently judged based on your performance and quality. Thus pressure game overall seems to be good for the growth of Smartech.
  5. Being a Smart Leader: Till now you might have heard about leader but do you know who is a smart leader? What are the qualities of a smart leader? Perhaps you are confused. A smart leader is the one who understands the responsibilities of being a leader, identify the qualities pertaining within him or her and utilizes the same by cohesively working with the team. Smartech makes you smarter by utilizing your overall skills. 
  6. Quality Assurance: Working at Smartech is not often a simple task. The company has set several quality parameters which are indeed important to be followed by all the Smartechians. A number of clients are satisfied due to the quality of service provided by whole team. Smartech acts as the digital partner of several companies. Maximum companies have deep association with Smartech due to their reliability on the work structure, timely delivery, technical support and complete backup support.There is a special team which tests the quality of service delivered by Smartechians.
  7.  Client Coverage: Smartech works in multiple areas like education, IT where the client plays an important role. In the IT service Smartech has clients from product and service based business.  A few foreign companies have also association with Smartech. Thus there are new opportunities for a fresher at Smartech. They will get the actual corporate environment here.
  8. Option for Freelancing:  Smartech get a lot of projects from multiple areas. To fulfill all the services Smartech searches freelancers who can deliver the project within time and budget. Thus a lot of freelancers are required at Smartech. Get the best option out of yours at Smartech.

So far people have deep integration with Smartech. The company is growing rapidly the options are generating and thus the company is always in search or dedicated, hard working, reliable, tech-savvy team. If you are also having such skills try to visit Smartech once.      



The ‘career’ word has become most typical now a days. Once we think about building our career, several options come into our mind. On a general note, career or future is totally dependent upon our academic qualification. If we are from technical background then we must opt for technical jobs but if we are from non-technical background it becomes a tough task to find a technical job. Now a days Digital Marketing programs have created amazing career options for technical cum non-technical guys. Several institutions are running digital marketing courses which are essential for getting high paid jobs.

Almost every companies are switching on digital platforms gradually. From a shopkeeper to a business owner everyone wants to get leads for their business and it is only possible through a technique called digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the best option to rank a website, software, product or app on the top searches. We use several techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Infographics etc. To get well acknowledged about digital marketing you must join a reputed digital marketing training institute which provides you industry level knowledge.

Digital Marketing is such a program which can generate multiple career options like Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Executive, Social Media Manager, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer etc. The one who has complete grasp over digital marketing can be the project manager in the field of digital marketing. SEO Executive is also high demanding career options. The reason being every website needs to be on the first page of Google and on other search engines. Social Media is totally an isolated field where you have to firstly understand the target audience and do the marketing accordingly.

Thus digital marketing is a new technique about which lot of people are unaware of. Keeping in purview of money and future growth, digital marketing will be an enlightening career in upcoming times. With the rise of Digital India campaign the government is also promoting digital platforms. Now if you are a naïve and are thinking to build a career then digital marketing will be the best possible alternative for you. Keep your aspiration high, be ready to take risks and start your journey of digital marketing. A bit knowledge of traditional marketing can be the stepping stone in the path of digital marketing.

Last but not the least if you have a wonderful idea then you can go for startup as well. You can kick your ideas onto virtual platforms like social media, website etc. and get name, fame and money also. Those who have an additional talent can also start his/her own YouTube channel. You just have to shoot a video, upload on YouTube and get in the eyes of a couple of audience.Digital Marketing Programs are the most reliable options for a no. of people who are working and want to earn part time. You can work as a freelancer and can get your requirement fulfilled. Be Smart… Be Digital..!!!


Why language skills are great for business and jobs?

Language is the basis of any verbal communication. Great language skills are must for success in any business or job. Having a great idea or plan in your mind is not sufficient, you must be able to express it effectively. If you lack language proficiency you are limiting yourself to a narrow range of opportunities. English being the official language of 53 countries, is must for surviving in the international job market. Ability to speak it fluently is prerequisite these days.

If you are thinking of starting a business, apart from capital, manpower and a perfect plan, what you need is good communication skills. It will definitely help to flourish your business. Good language skills will help you to expand your area of business to other countries. It will help you to communicate with your local as well as overseas clients in a better way. If you have good language skills, you can create a good impression on your clients during meetings because you will be able to convey your ideas in a better way. In the long run, it will also help you to widen your client base.  A broad customer base will ultimately help in the expansion of your business.

As far as jobs are concerned, you cannot excel there without language expertise. Even if you are technically sound, you need to have good language skills to survive in the multi-national companies. As you reach to higher level in your job you need to give presentations for your organization, being conversant at language will give you an edge. While communicating with your colleagues you will feel more comfortable and confident. The chances of promotion are sharper for candidates who are well-versed in language skills as compared to those who are not so good at speaking fluently.

No wonder, to a great extent, you are judged by the way you speak. So, start working towards honing your language skills. For this joining language classes for English can be of great help.


Top 8 Services provided by Smartech

Smartech business is in business of providing value added services to its clients. As new businesses and companies strive hard to excel at their mission, we walk with our partners and enable them to be successful. With host of services and products, we keep our clients first.

Our services include providing support for setting up a ‘Start-Up’ which includes all services from registering the company ,  trademarking, logo creation, legal advice etc. Our team of experts has years of experience in ‘Outsourcing’ of non-value added service. Our expertise in understanding your needs as a consumer helps us retain the trust of our students and partners. Our outsourcing effort centres around Information Technology where we create a one-stop shop for all your Information Technology needs. “The Smartech Group” is a step towards creating an umbrella organization for all your needs.

  • Startup Support
  • Outsourcing
  • First Customer Service
  • Value Added Service
  • Certification
  • Company Incorporation
  • Trademarking
  • Logo & Desktop Publishing

Self development in busy schedule

Owing to the current generation, it has become typical job to maintain the all round development of an individual. Personal and Professional life have become messed up. People are not able to concentrate on their personal development due to having abundant pressure from other sides.

Here are top 8 ways to enhance your personal development in busy schedule:- 

1. Make a to-do list:- Most of the people blame that they do not get time or they do not have time for grooming their personal life. You know very well that everybody has 24 hours only but it all depends upon how you manage your time. If you allocate sometime for your personal development like personality, skill etc. it would greatly affect your personal development.

2. Set Priorities:– Personal development is a big word in itself. You need to filter first that which kind of development you are looking for. Whether you want to manage time properly, to bear responsibilities etc. or you want to enjoy a peaceful life. It all depends upon how you set priorities. Priority must be set on cascading basis i.e. one is dependent upon other.

3. Groom your inner-me:- Ifyou want your personal growth then grow your inner-me first. Talk to talk to yourself everyday. What exactly suits you, what do you want from yourself, are you on right track or now…these questions scan your thought process and make you cool.

4. Be Health Conscious:- Health is most important asset of an individual. If you have this precious asset you can acquire any other asset too. Take healthy food on time so that your mind & body balance each other like the chemical equation.

5. Take proper rest:– The life of people have become rampant. They are so much busy that rest is out of rest for them. They try to do a lot of work in short term which pays hard in long term. Always remember that consistent player always wins the game. 

6. Improve Communication Skill:- Communication is the biggest weapon which can let you win biggest battle of the day. If you have this weapon you can convince anyone. Most of the people are worried about not having this power. Communication can be improved in one or two days. It is a series of efforts you apply consistently. Spend some time everyday on your communication. 

7. Spend time with friends or family:- Lot of people always remain in tension. That think that they have great worries. Share your problems with your friends, family so that you may come out from the dilemma of tension.

8. Do proper exercise:- To keep your body fit, do proper exercise everyday. Make proper routine & follow it consistently. Exercise will make your body & mind healthy. 

Follow these steps & develop your personal life upto a great extent. 


Optimizing Your Startup

Creating a start up with lot of energy and involving associates and partners sharing similar vision was a great start. However, as start up like Smartech or other companies move into their 2nd or 3rd year, company will have to keep looking for ways to get better at everything they do. Here are some thoughts on how we can best optimize a start up like ours. Key theme centering on optimizing a start-up would be:

Make a Skilled Team

Getting the right set of people for a start-up or any company remains mantra for success. Individuals with necessary skills is the basic criterion to secure a job and be part of the journey. The initial team who will onboard the start-up will have the capability to steer the direction of company and decide on future course of action. Apart from job skills, team should also share the vision and believe that company can be a value creator in business.

Do Proper Analysis

Being effective and optimal is always a necessity to be successful for business. An efficient business will ensure that business operations remain profitable and sustainable in near future. An analysis goes a long way in making sure businesses are making decisions relevant and effective to its stakeholders. Some of the tools used to analyze decisions are:

  • Decision trees ( Mathematical AND, OR, XOR Gates)
  • Optimization ( Statistical Modeling)
  • Software tools like
    • MS-Excel
    • Crystal Ball
    • Risksolver etc.
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Fish Bone Diagram ( Ishi-Kawa Diagram)

Take calculated risks

The business planning template/analysis should have a section to analyze all risks associated with the business. With proper risk assessment/identification/ all necessary steps can be planned for and taken in advance to ensure sustainability and success of business. Optimization techniques provide a way to factor in the risks associated with a venture. These risks could be due to financial, geography, supply chain, labor market, political, governance etc.

Set Target Clients:

Once business strategy is in place, execution plans must kick in and ensure that business operations perform their functions as per strategy. For operations to execute, they must have clear sense of direction as to where the company is heading. This is where ‘Goal-Setting’ will help. Business objectives must clearly identify set of target clients whom the company wishes to cater.  Dedicated business managers must ensure that they are serving the clients as per company strategy. Regular feedback from clients will ensure business is aligned and fulfilling customer needs.

Allocate Budget

Necessary funding resources must be available to business units so they can function appropriately. Business manager’s incentives must be aligned with budgetary outcomes to ensure that actions and incentives align to fulfill shareholder interests. Necessary budgetary allocation software processes, accounting methodologies must be used to ensure appropriate allocation of resources. Planned Budget, Actual Budgetary Spending and Variances must then be analyzed and course corrected for future operations. To stay ahead of the curve and maintain healthy operations (financially healthy), businesses can carry out benchmarking exercise so they know where are they with regard to their industry over all.

Have Legal Checkpoints

Ombudsman is a necessary position within a company. Have a mechanism to ensure that businesses stay legally compliant. Thorough 6 monthly, yearly audit process will help you identify the legal issues within the company and how you can ensure compliance. HR Ombudsman must ensure compliance of human resource with law of the land.

Save min 8% from profit

Once business makes a profit, try to maintain a minimum benchmark of retaining profits. The profits retained can then be used for future growth, paying out dividends, corporate social responsibility etc. Essentially it will act as a curtain to make sure not entire profits is distributed amongst shareholders.

Have a back-up plan

Plan for contingency, in case of risks identified during analysis stage, some of the risks do get realized, plan for a Plan B. Business operations must remain sustainable and should have many strategies to mitigate risks. Careful review of planned versus actual outcomes must be analyzed and mid-course reviews and course correction strategies must be implemented.


How can you crack IELTS

IELTS refers to the International English Language Test System. In this test, there are four modules, speaking, reading , listening and writing and each module has 9 bands. Result gives overall bands after calculating bands in each module. We will give you description about how you can crack IELTS.

Firstly, it is very important to know that having command on english and cracking IELTS is not same. There is much difference between both of them of organising , speaking at length , vocabulary and fluency. These all points, a candidiate must have while giving exam of IELTS.

Secondly, to get above 7 bands in speaking , a candidiate needs to work on fluency as well as on grammar. The other thing that candidiate should keep in mind is that to give the answers according to the questions in simple ways but appropriate vocabulary and sentences must be organised by examinee.

If it comes to listening module, a person should enhance the ability of catching words and understanding the concept and sentences. A good knowledge of grammar also helps to crack this module with high bands in short time.

In terms of next module, reading, person must have focused mind and great amount of concentration. It also requires high speed in reading the content and understandability fastly as soon as possible. Moreover, the way of picking the correct answers from the right location.

Furthermore, writing is that part of IELTS which demands accurate knowledge of grammars, organising , well suited answers and examples and vocabulary  as you can use. The other factors are shape of letters, time planning and words limit.

Lastly, you need to work hard in right path smartly instead of working in those areas which are irrelevant.