Top 5 companies using Python Python

Top 5 Companies using Python

Python since its existence has never been so trending and widely required. Lets explore top 5 companies using Python. Before that lets know a bit about Python. It is a programming language that emphasizes immensely on the user-friendliness and code readability. It allows programmers to build complex frameworks and application within fewer lines of codes. Python is also versatile, that is evident from its way of following multiple coding paradigms like procedural, OOPs and procedural. Also, it can be used in multiple domains like Game development, AI modelings, Data Science, Web Development, Finance to name a few important ones. It shouldn’t be a matter of surprise to know that python is used by many top-notch tech giants for developing their products and services.

So here is the list of top 5 companies from different working domains using Python:

  1. Instagram
    Has it ever been so exciting, when it came to, uploading and sharing a picture. It has revolutionized the way pictures and videos are shared. It is widely used by people. Insta has become part of people’s daily life. But there would have been no Instagram today without Python. It uses Python on its backend. According to Instagram’s engineering team, Instagram currently features the world’s largest deployment of the Django web framework, which is completely written in python.

2. Netflix
World’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your favorite device. What Spotify did for music, Netflix did for video. One of Netflix’s strengths is its powerful recommendation and analytics engine, allowing the company not just to provide you with suggestions, but also predict what kind of original content they should order.
What’s the engine based on? You guessed correct. It’s Python. According to Netflix Technology blog, Python is used throughout the full content life cycle, from deciding which content to fund all the way to operating the CDN that serves the final video to 148 million members.

3. Reddit
It is one of the biggest open communities on the web. You have a question, want to talk about something in specific, or find tons of information regarding a particular topic, you can just look on Reddit. It is a network of communities based on people’s interest. It is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection
The site relies on Python to help them store user names, categorize subreddits, upload links to GIFs and, of course, award gold to valued posters.

4. Spotify
It is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. With it, you can stream countless songs and music videos. Spotify completely revolutionized the music services when it allowed you to listen to ad-free music of your choice.
It uses Python for backend services and data analysis. Spotify’s backend consists of many interdependent services, connected by its own messaging protocol over ZeroMQ. Around 80% of these services are written in Python.

5. Uber
Uber offers services that include ridesharing, ride service hailing, food delivery and the bicycle-sharing system completes over 15 million trips daily. According to Uber engineers, At the lower levels, Uber’s engineers primarily write in Python, Node.js, Go, and Java. We started with two main languages: Node.js for the Marketplace team, and Python for everyone else. These first languages still power most services running at Uber today. Many tech giants are in love with python, hence the list is very long but to name a few more Google, Youtube, Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, Quora also uses python.

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5 Important Reasons why you should use Python

Python is nowadays the most demanding language. Most of you would be thinking that it’s a new language but it’s nothing like so. The sudden upliftment of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence has given rise to this. If you wanna be a full-stack programmer or data scientist then you are at the perfect place or simply you have taken a good decision for reading this article. You will come to know about 5 important reasons for using Python in the modern arena.

  1. It’s Trending:- It was not much earlier when it was only used for conventional development like a game, website or any desktop application development but now it has come so far that it can be used nearly for every hot technology out there in the market like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Development, Cryptocurrency and Cloud Computing.
  2. It’s Easy:- Coding in Python is very easy, which makes it easy to learn and use, Python simplified the concept of writing source code. It simply reduces the number of lines in which a code is written & provides ease to custom software development.
  3. It’s Cross-Platform:- Python is a very interesting programming language, like Java, it is platform-independent & can run on multiple platforms and systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh, etc. This functionality makes python one of the most demanding language. The compilation and executing becomes quite easy which makes it a portable language too.
  4. It has a robust and vast library:- The standard library used in Python is more developed than other programming languages. A lot of packages and commands can easily be got from these libraries. It helps in the rapid development process and reduces the lines of code as well. It is the core reason behind the fact that it can be used in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, Cloud, Websites, etc.
  5. Finally, It’s Open Source:- Due to this, there is a vast developer community working relentlessly to make it better, with every passing time. It makes it more reliable and secure too as larger community keep working over it, and hence more thoroughly reviewed and vetted by the community.

These important specifications make this language stand at the top. Programmers & Users almost get all the requirements fulfilled through it.

If you still need some more points to get you convinced here is a bonus for you. Following are some more quick points which will make sure, you should start using python asap:-

  • It’s Expressive:- It makes its code easy to understand and readable and hence user-friendly.
  • Dynamically typed:- There are no data types being used, just create a variable and assign any type of value, python is so smart to understand the type of variable, So you need not worry about data types, just write the code and enjoy.
  • It follows all the famous programming paradigm:- Python can be used to do programming in multiple ways like procedural, OOPs and functional programming.
  • It’s Integrable:- Its code can be integrated with the languages likes C, Java, Javascript easily.

We will talk about Python in our next article. If you want to learn Python, you can visit Smartech Education, Saket, New Delhi.

Python Course Details

Active to Passive Voice - Smartech Education English

Active to Passive Voice

Convert the following sentences from Active to Passive Voice:

  1. Why did you tell my mother?
  2. He wrote a fine story of 300 words.
  3. My parents often scold me.
  4. You planned to throw a party.
  5. My grandmother will give me a watch.
  6. You will never mind it.
  7. Come to my house, we shall enjoy the party.
  8. He has been singing a beautiful song on stage.
  9. Donald Trump has changed many rules in US.
  10. Akshay Kumar interviewed PM Narendra Modi.
  11. Salman Khan signed a contract in Mumbai.
  12. She had won the heart of many Indians by her art.
  13. My family will have been allowing me.
  14. Is he playing cricket?
  15. You did not afford Mercedes.
  16. He will have waited for me.
  17. Rakesh was wearing very nice dress.
  18. Were they really enjoying the party?
  19. How had they anticipated me?
  20. You had been waiting for movie to launch.
  21. We enjoyed lunch together in IPL session.
  22. My friend won a car in the lottery.
  23. Life gives many opportunities. Pick one and go ahead.
  24. He allowed me to go inside the cabin.
  25. My boss treated me like his servant.
  26. Do I clean your car?
  27. You have tortured me a lot.
  28. He has made good grasp in English.
  29. She planned to go Manali this year.
  30. I had visited your home.
  31. Why are we committing mistakes?
  32. You are doing something wrong.
  33. Are we going to Varanasi?
  34. I have beaten my younger brother for his mistake.
  35. You have helped me a lot.
  36. Politics has influenced many people of India.
  37. Why do I admire you?
  38. Did she enjoy the Diwali vacations?
  39. The farmers of India are committing suicide.
  40. I am coming to your office.
  41. I can’t afford your expenses.
  42. Teachers have ignored my mistakes.
  43. You will begin this route.
  44. We should study Reasoning.
  45. Exams are approaching, You should give motivational lectures.
  46. You are coming to Delhi.
  47. He is framing the law.
  48. We are not going to movie.
  49. She has been enjoying the rain.
  50. We should obey the parents.

Try to convert these sentences from Active to Passive Voice. It will make your English strong.

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8 activities to improve your english -Smartech Education English

8 Activities to improve your English…

Want to know about 8 activities to improve your English!! Proficiency in the English language is very important today. First of all, here 8 activities are discussed which you should do every day to improve your English. So if you want to become a fluent English speaker, then these activities can help you out. Above all English is the heart of any corporate sector so a good grasp over English can help you out in the long run.

 Daily Conversation in English

For making your English speaking skills better, the most effective step is to do as much conversation as possible in English. If you are a student then you can talk with your friends, classmates and teachers only in English. If you are a working professional you can speak in English with your colleagues. Conversation helps in removing hesitation and thus makes you more confident.

Reading English newspaper

Reading newspaper not only broadens your knowledge base but it also helps in improving your language. You can begin by choosing any standard English newspaper. Initially you can read the news reports which you find interesting. Then you can start reading editorials which are very good for language improvement.

Learning at least 5 new words daily

If your vocabulary is rich, your language will automatically enhance. Learning a minimum of 5 new words daily is important. You can learn these words from any source like newspaper, book, dictionary etc. But, Learning alone is not sufficient. You should try to use the words you have learnt. This helps in remembering the words and their meanings. Similarly, you can try to get a few words from watching some videos or English movies.

Listening  English

Listening is as important as reading. It basically is attentive hearing. For improving the English language you can listen to English news, English songs, English commentary and also interviews of renowned personalities in English. You can also listen to people who are doing a conversation in English. Listening improves your pronunciation and also makes you more fluent.

Reading Books

Develop the habit of reading books. You can choose English novels, autobiographies or even books having a collection of short stories. The more you read, the more you get used to the English language. Your understanding of this language gets better when you are in the habit of reading. Reading blogs, articles etc can be even more helpful.


For improving English, writing is one activity which helps a lot. Writing does not mean that you have to write a lot every day. That can be tedious especially if you are still trying to improve your English. Writing one page or two or even a paragraph initially on any topic can be useful. The topic can be anything like what you did the whole day or any social topic. Writing everyday is most noteworthy for improving English. As you write more and more your mind gets a lot of ideas which can be quite helpful in speaking or understanding English.

Practice in front of the mirror

It may sound little childlike, but it is the fact that practicing in front of the mirror boosts up your confidence. You can speak in English with yourself before a mirror. You can speak on any topic or can recite an English poem or tell a story. When you are speaking in front of the mirror, there is no one to judge you. Hence, You are better able to analyze your weak areas while speaking and thus you can improve them easily.

Watch English movies or TV shows

It wouldn’t be amazing if you can learn while getting entertained! Furthermore, Watching English movies and Television shows can be such an activity. If you watch them, you will not only get entertained but you will get more familiar with the English language. This will help you to improve your English.

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Study Medicine Abroad - Smartech Education Admission

Want to study medicine from abroad ??

The trend of studying abroad is getting increased day by day. More students now go abroad after their Graduation or Post Graduation degree while many want to pursue graduation from abroad. Do you want to study medicine from abroad???

The All American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS), Jamaica is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). We are currently looking to recruit students for the May 2019 session MD program. The basic qualification is 10+2 (medical stream). The students are exempt from NEET for the current May cycle post which NEET becomes mandatory for students who wish to study medicine abroad. Additionally, we can facilitate lateral entry into the 2nd year of the medicine program for students who are currently in the second year of their b Sc Program, thus helping them save substantial money and time.

Some of the highlights of the program include:

  1. program duration is 4.2 years including 2.8 years of classes followed by 1.6 years of clinical rotation. For B Sc students the same would be for 3.2 years.
  2. Option of clinical rotation in Jamaica & USA (there is an additional fee involved for the US rotation).
  3. USMLE Training & Preparation along with the study program so as to enable Residency Matching Process (for PG) in the US
  4. Opportunity to take up job in Jamaica, US, Canada, etc post completion of the program. The student can recover his total spend within one year (even in Jamaica the student can earn between $5500-$7000 per month)
  5. End to end support right from application filing, travel documents, transit visa and air ticket.
  6. Indian food available in campus.
  7. Student reference available.

Just plan to study medicine from Abroad and you will make your career bright in the future.

Author:- Mrs. Varsha Trivedi, President, Aadhar Foundation (Lucknow)

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Jobs for Jet Airways Employees Job

Jobs for Jet Airways Employees

The employees of Jet Airways should be alert now. The time has come for your next move. Several other options for the Jobs for Jet Airways Employees have come. Find the list of Jobs opportunities for Jet Airways Employees…

1.Qatar Airways – Senior Sales Executive (Mumbai) 30th April 2019

2.Qatar Airways- Sales Executive (Delhi) 23rd April 2019

3.Emirates Airlines- Cabin Crew

4.Air Asia- Captain

5 Air Asia- Technician- Jr. Technician—JR-TECHNICIAN_JR0004096

6.Air Asia- Engineering Manager

7.Air Asia- Assistant Sales Manager–Madras/

Air Asia- First Officer

9.Indigo- Exp. Cabin Crew

10.Indigo- Cabin Crew

11.Indigo Commercial Profiles

12.Indigo Engineering Profiles

Author:- Mrs. Varsha Trivedi, President, Aadhar Foundation (Lucknow)


Top 50 interview Questions

Top 50 interview questions

An interview is a major stage for cracking any job. If you perform well at interview and are able to impress the interviewer then the job is yours. So here is a list of top 50 interview questions which can help in your interview preparation.

Professional Questions

  1. Why should we hire you?
  2. Tell about your qualities which are relevant to the job you have applied?
  3. Experiences
  4. Why did you leave your previous job?
  5. What are your salary expectations?
  6. Are you ready to sign the bond for a certain period of time?
  7. Alternate career plans.
  8. How will you solve your differences with your colleague?
  9. Tell us about your achievements.
  10. What is the importance of this job in your life?
  11. Tell one example which shows that you have leadership quality
  12. Details of the organization in which you have applied
  13. Tell us about your career goals
  14. What do you like most about the field in which you are working?
  15. Improvements you want to see in the field in which you are working.
  16. What do you find better- leading or following?
  17. The importance of experience in any job
  18. Describe your pattern of working.
  19. How will you coordinate with your team?
  20. If your subordinates do not follow your instructions, how will you react?
  21. What kind of work environment you are most comfortable in?
  22. If your boss is adamant about a particular decision, how will you convince him?
  23. What is your approach towards your competitors?
  24. How do you manage work pressure?
  25. Which is more important- job satisfaction or high salary?
  26. Are you a multi-tasker or you focus on one area at a time?
  27. Do you have any questions from the interview panel?

Personal Questions

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  3. How do you face rejection?
  4. What makes you happy and what disturbs you?
  5. Family background
  6. Hobbies
  7. How do you keep yourself updated in life?
  8. Your motto in life
  9. How do you deal with failure?
  10. How do you do to de-stress yourself?
  11. Tell us about your school life
  12. Share something interesting about your college life
  13. Tell us about one incident which changed your perspective in life.
  14. Whom do you consider your ideal?
  15. Share your views on some social issues
  16. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  17. How do you balance your personal and professional life?
  18. Which book did you read the last time?
  19. Share with us a decision in life which you took and are extremely proud of
  20. Tell one decision you took, which you regret.
  21. Which is your favorite news section?
  22. What qualities in a person impress you?
  23. Things which annoys you?

Career opportunities after Spoken English Course

If you are thinking of doing a spoken English course, then you must have this thought in mind that what career opportunities one can get after this course. The importance of English Language in the current scenario is well-known to all. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is also the official language of many countries. English indeed is a global language. In the coming time, the demand for English speakers is going to soar in different industries and jobs. Therefore, the career opportunities after Spoken English Course are immense. Have a look at the following options which are available for you, if you have completed Spoken English Course-

BPO or call center jobs

The BPO industry requires candidates who are fluent in the English language. If you are good at speaking English, then you can excel in this industry because it is the most important criterion for working in any BPO. There are many job opportunities in the BPO sector.

Front Desk Executive

The Front Desk Executives are those employees who represent any organization. They are the first people whom we meet and interact with whenever we visit any organization. If you are fluent at speaking English, then you get an edge for this post. As almost every organization requires front desk executives, the jobs are comparatively more.

Jobs in Multinational Companies

For securing a place in any multinational company, proficiency in English is a must. Your conversational skills in English must be of a good level for surviving in multinational companies and its work setting even if you have to work in the technical field. Because these companies work with clients from different countries. The course in spoken English can ease your way to jobs in these companies.

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry is a booming industry these days. The jobs are increasing day by day in this sector. Communicating with people is an important feature in this industry and if you are good at communicating in the English language then there are some of the best career options in this industry.

Tourism Sector

The course in spoken English can fetch you jobs in the tourism sector also. The future of tourism sector seems quite bright. There is an influx of foreign tourists in the country. The language of foreigners are different and they are able to interact mostly in English. So, if you are a fluent English speaker, then you can work in different roles in the Tourism Sector.

English words at Home English

Words often used at Home

English has become the part and parcel of our life. There are many words in English but few words often used at Home are enlisted here. Put some focus on these words and become smart.

• Bedroom
• Bucket
• Carpet
• Glass
• Bedsheet
• Blanket
• Beg
• Fruits
• Vegetable
• Freeze
• Bike
• Car
• Cycle
• Mirror
• Makeup
• Hairstyle
• Lipstick
• Kajal
• Earrings
• Rings
• Jeans
• Top
• Shirt
• Skirt
• Towel
• T-shirt
• Knife
• Spoon
• Plate
• Cup
• Garlic
• Ginger
• Fenugreek
• Cumin
• Coriander
• Capsicum
• Tomato
• Chili
• Potato
• Onion
• Pressure cooker
• Books
• Dictionary
• Pen
• Gate
• Room
• Bathroom
• Sleeper
• Shoes
• Photo frame
• Motor
• Pipe
• Curtain
• Cousin
• Ladder
• Successful
• Opportunity
• Argument
• Computer
• Tank
• Talk
• A/c
• Inverter
• Telephone
• Mobile
• Laptop
• Tab
• Bad
• Bathing
• Bulb
• Fan
• Tube light
• Watch
• Clock
• Television
• Wire
• Belt
• Fresher
• Wooden
• Lunch
• Dress
• Ready
• Brush
• Shampoo
• Nail
• Dance
• Diary
• Bottle
• Oil
• Water
• Party
• Marriage
• Invitation
• News
• Movies
• Cinema
• Mall
• Spices
• Cold drink
• Father
• Mother
• Grand mother
• Grand father
• Welcome
• Sorry
• Thank you

Use these words in day to day life. You should have good command over these simple words. Know more about English Language.

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How can we improve our Grammar

For learning any language, you must have the complete knowledge of grammar. This is because grammar is the essence of any language. It is indeed the foundation of any language. For reading, writing and understanding any language, a person must have the thorough knowledge of grammar. English is no exception, for gaining expertise in this language, you must first have the complete knowledge of English grammar. Unless your concept in grammar is clear, you cannot think of being fluent in this language. So before thinking of being expert in any language, it is important to think of the ways which can improve our grammar.

There are different ways of improving your grammar. Some of them are discussed below-

Go to a good teacher– If you have a good teacher, then learning any language cannot be difficult for you. An expert in English grammar can teach you all the details of grammar. Under an expert supervision, improving your grammar can be easy as well.

Choose a good grammar book– A standard English grammar book of any reputed author or publication can be of great help in improving grammar. In a good English grammar book, all the important topics are discussed serially and practice exercise is also given. After learning each topic you can practice the exercise based on that topic.

Preparing notes– Nothing can be as useful as preparing your own notes while learning something. The notes which you prepare yourself on the basis of your understanding remains there in your head. You do not have to learn it all the time. Once you go through your notes all the things will be refreshed in your mind. For grammar also you can prepare notes and write down the important points in the form of rules.

Read a lot- Reading not only helps in enhancing your language skills but it also makes your grammar strong. Reading different materials like newspaper, novels, magazines on a daily basis makes you more familiar with the grammar. It reduces your tendency to commit grammatical errors while speaking or writing.

Practice Writing- Writing on a regular basis helps a lot in improving your grammar. You can write on simple topics initially. You can start with writing a diary in which you write about how your day went. Writing helps you to know the areas of grammar in which you need improvement.